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Hyperammonemic encephalopathy secondary to chronic Valproicacid overdose

Year : 2019 | Volume : 7 | Issue : 1 Page : 99-100

K Anusha11,P Jayakumar2, H Kishan Reddy3

1Postgraduate Student,3Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry,2Assistant Professor, Department of General Medicine, Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences, Karimnagar, Telangana, India.

Address for correspondence: Dr K Anusha, Postgraduate Student, Department of Biochemistry, Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagunur, Karimnagar, Telangana, India.



Introduction: Hyperammonemic encephalopathy secondary to Valproate therapy is an uncommon adverse affect. We had a 70year old female, known case of epilepsy on sodium Valproate form 3 years presented with drowsiness, slurring of speech. Investigations were done Magnetic resonance imagingBrain and Liver Function Tests were normal, Serum Valproate and Serum Ammonia levels were increased. Valproate was withdrawn and patient was started on L – Carnitine. Serum Ammonia levels decreased and patient symptoms subsided. Hyperammoneic Encephalopathy should be suspected in patients on Valproate presenting with Encephalopathy symptoms.

Keywords :: HyperammonemicEncephalopathy, Sodium Valproate, Epilepsy, L- carnitine, Serum Ammonia .


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