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Perspectives in medical research has completed ten glorious as a journal this year. The journey was difficult yet very dynamic. The problems for medical journals are enormous. Right from receiving standard manuscripts which have strong scientific message, to the proper peer review for articles every step was difficult. Institutional Ethics committee approval and clinical trial approval for studies was not universal and was not asked regularly for medical journal. Peer review process was not robust and was not objective. The CONSORT checklist was not being followed for every article and hence article standard is compromised. The non-availability of technical staff was again an issue.

We started with small number of articles initially but now Journal gets one article almost every day. The scrutinizing the article is tough task, keeping in mind all the technicalities that we need to fulfill. The editor faces real challenge when confronted by two scenarios. 1 One scenario is where articles are really scientific, with robust data but lack proper technical writing and not in accordance with CONSORT. Here editor is convinced that article gives strong scientific message but lack standard writing. To get it written from authors in standard way is tough task provided the work pressure authors do have. The other problem is where the article lacks scientific message to community but is written in very standard technical manner. Identifying such article and rejecting it is again a tough task. With all these problems also journal progressed, improved its standard and got indexed in international indexing agencies.

The path towards excellence is always difficult, and it walk on that path gives pleasure.we are sure that next ten years will also be glorious, provided we keep our focus on scientific message to community from our articles and assess proper methodology has been done while conducting research. The review article focus will be new findings from available data which might change our vision towards particular topic.with the support of authors, peer reviewers, editorial board members and sponsoring authority we are sure to succeed.


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Perspectives in Medical Research is committed to keeping research articles Open Access.Journal permits any users to read, download, copy, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles...
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