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Cryptosporidium infection among children presenting with diarrhea: A hospital based study from rural Haryana

Year : 2017 | Volume : 5 | Issue : 1 Page : 14 - 16

Jyoti Sangwan1, Pratibha Mane2, Sumit Lathwal3, A K Malik4

1Asistant Professor,2 Associate Professor,4 Professor & Head,Department of Microbiology, SHKM, GMC, Mewat, 3ADH, HQ 12 CORPS, C/OAPO

Address for correspondence: Dr. Jyoti Sangwan, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology,SHKM, GMC, Mewat.



Background: Cryptosporidium has emerged as an important cause of diarrheal illness worldwide, especially among young children and patients with immune deficiencies. The spectrum of intestinal infection ranges from asymptomatic carrier state to severe diarrhea, depending upon the nutritional and immune status of the host.

Materials & Methods :387children, in the age group from 1 month to 10 years old, suffering from diarrhea, were included in the study. Oocysts of Cryptosporidium were detected using modified Ziehl Neelsen staining method.

Results : Out of 387 children 80 (20.7%) were positive for cryptosporidium infection using modified Ziehl Neelsen staining.

Conclusion :The prevalence of Cryptosporidiosis in children presenting with persistent diarrhea is considerable and we suggest routine stool examination to rule out Cryptosporidium infection while investigating diarrhea in children. Also, for control and prevention of this infection, strengthening water quality standards and improving sanitary practices are required.

Key words :Cryptosporidium, Diarrhea, Children, Acid Fast staining, Kinyoun method.


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