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Case report

Small cell carcinoma of prostate

Year : 2018 | Volume : 6 | Issue : 2 Page : 66 - 68

Aurobinda Samal1 , Archita Mohanty Jaiswal2 , Niharika Pattnaik3, Srikanth Shastry4

1,2,3 Consultant Pathologist, SRL Diagnostics, Kalinga Hospital, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

4Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Prathima Institute of Medical Sciences,Nagunur,Karimnagar,Telangana,India.

Address for correspondence: Dr Aurobinda Samal, Consultant Pathologist, SRL Diagnostics, Kalinga Hospital, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.



Introduction: Small cell carcinoma(SCC) of prostate is a very rare and highly aggressive neoplasm which constitutes less than 1 % of all prostate cancers. Half of the small cell carcinomas arising in the prostate are pure without an associated adenocarcinoma. Majority of SCC of prostate present at the advanced stage of disease and a disproportionately low serum PSA levels as compared to adenocarcinoma prostate. Chemotherapy and associated surgery are mainstay of treatment along with palliative radiation. Due its very poor prognosis and high mortality, it is necessary to diagnose it early and treat aggressively.

Keywords :Small cell carcinoma, Prostate, Prostate specific antigen, Neuroendocrine tumour


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